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Improve your online image – and your sales – with graphic design, programming and marketing solutions from SnyggaMallar.

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Full-Service Web Solutions for Start-Ups and Mid-Sized Businesses

We help our clients from beginning to end, even when they don't know where to start. Whether you want a completely unique site or a template personalized with your own text and images, we can design the site you are looking for. We can even help you find the website address that is right for your business. In addition, our corporate identity packages and online and offline marketing services help make your business one to remember.

For high-quality web development services in the Lund and Malmö region, SnyggaMallar is the agency that small- and mid-sized businesses trust.

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Information about web and marketing

Why do I need a home page

In todays society, precense and availability has become increasingly important, and is even deemed as expected. As humans, we've been increasingly comfortable and are demanding that information can be found faster and easier than ever before.

Unique design or template?

Depending on your branch, your visitors purpose of visiting your web site is very varied. Without going into specific scenarios, general purposes can be to get an impression of your business and your services, get pricing information and contact or even order items directly from the web site.

How do I get started?

Creating a web site does not necessarily require any knowledge in HTML or other scripting / programming languages. While knowing such languages can be beneficial, most users can perform text and image updates, as well as adding new pages, by simply knowing how to handle a simple word processing application.

How do I update my page?

If you order a publishing tool (CMS), you can easily update your web site directly in a graphical view, without knowing any HTML or other programming languages!